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Drink, I say!

Do it now

before you


people don’t change.

it is we who must.

i was so happy

drunk every night.

my liver took it away!

damned liver!

life, with it’s ugly head

just had to barge right in

and spoil my drunkenness!

damned life!

my troubles washed away.

now I cannot go astray.

my problems will stay

with me into the next day.

listen to my dismay.

listen to what I say.

drink quickly

while you still can, boy!

Do it now!

you know what they say…

‘drink and be merry, for tomorrow

we die’!

tilt of the wrist.

some sort of alcoholic

sadistic twist.

my humble wish.

an occasional drink to make me


for a while…

until sobriety strikes me!

happiness always departs,

while sadness parks…

it is I who changed.

things are not the same.

something in the brain.

drink is not the same.

it doesn’t taste right like it

did before.

life is not the same.

but, love is different

than it used to be.

love has not changed

its face like

mine has changed.

love is always love.

it is young.

it has a pretty face.

as I look in the mirror.

i do not know this man.

he was much more handsome

four score years ago.

now, he is an old man looking back.

all worn out.


by the day

getting more and more frail.

grey hair.





he has his doubts.

he has his fears.

he forgets things.

even what day it is.

he remembers

some things vividly.

more has been forgotten

than can be remembered.

the past is becoming

different than I remember.

its meaning

and appearance

is changing like a slow

growing vine wrapped

around my neck

choking me.

I am

filled to the brim

with memories.

some faded.

some obscure.

I try to remember

some things, yet

they do not come

back to me like


they are lost in time.

gone straight to oblivion.

I don’t know, I can’t remember

for sure.

I had but

one chance to

live my life


all I can remember


it was









I feel its


coming closer.

that scary


the great


it is coming


I shall dwindle

away disappearing

into nothing.




Author: Steven James Humphreys

Me and my wife live with our wonderful pets. I hope you like my blog finding it informative, meaningful and entertaining. I write about varied subjects having written books for sale on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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