The drop outs

the drop outs, weirdos, hippies, free spirited, poetry, steven humphreys

they are not

the lunatic fringe.

they are the drop-outs

living frugally who never


their heads are on straight,

they knew their paths

early in life

walking a self-determined gait.

they knew what they wanted

bailing out of this ‘soul killing’ 9 to 5 rat race

before they got stuck in it

and it was far too late.

they are not so proud,



and don’t talk

too loud.

they speak with

a humble voice

by choice,

a little ‘seedy’,




fun loving,


never mean.

less is more and more

is less freedom.

there is this new young breed

on the rise:

they were born smarter,


on the ‘edge of society’

wrapped up in their own brand of sobriety.

they don’t fit in the mold

others want them to jump in.

don’t think how they’re told.

living free or dying,

pass no bucks.

no lying.

they are mobile

with technology

by their side!


lap tops,

a doable ideology

true and tried.

not afraid to be what they are…

they have created their own kingdom

living through clear eyes

in buses, vans,

trailers, rv’s, rusty old pick up trucks

and cars.

where they stop and take a rest

is their new home.


this grandiose facade!


away from which they roam.

they’ve made their own society

full of spirit and piety,

opting out of a life of corporate slavery!

freedom our forefathers

fought for is

worth the bravery,

the saving grace of which,

the sauce on top:

the tastiest living gravy?

it is catching on…

full fever,

they earned bachelor

degrees even higher,

owned businesses, learned a trade,

quitting their jobs

losing their working desire

and fever…

many waking,

cutting their puppet strings

with their cleaver,

shedding their business suit!

tired of faking it…

now, these expatriates

know the success they worked so

hard for

wasn’t making it.

they listen to their own voice,

with their dogs and cats

at their side.

(the mark of a magnificent human being:

a blessed lover of animals!)

‘seek money and prestige, think this way, more is better, eat this, drive this car, live there, marry this person, and you must wear these fashionable clothes or you are a big nothing’!

they no longer think that way





and souls




see it in

their eyes.

they refuse to live

the traditional life:

They shouted


they’ve had it

up to here

at such an early


with all those rules

running like

a crazy man

trapped inside

that human


drop outs, odd balls, travellers on the road, poetry, steven humphreys
‘Making friends off the grid’ (costing no more than a few peanuts…)



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