The cat and the ‘creepy’ doll

The cat and the creepy doll, scary, poetry, steven humphreys

He thought he surely


that creepy doll

turn its head

and look at him


there were

shadows in the hallway.

sounds of the

pitter patter of tiny feet.

of course,

missing was his straight

razor he shaved with

from the bathroom drawer.

the voice in his head said

‘turn the car around’!

but, he did not listen and kept

driving over the embankment

to his certain death


in a speeding

fiery flaming metal and glass coffin.

then, he awoke on the couch

pulling a blanket of sky over his head.

but, he still sees globules of hot red

oil go up and down in his lava lamp

through the hole in his covers.

he knew well

that when his dog asked him to

light his ‘doggie cigar’,

he had a much worse case of schizophrenia

than mere aberration of mind.

we all wear out like

dimly lit flashlights.

the final glimmer




that’s when the doll

runs over,

hops up on his couch

pulls the sheet down

and looks him

eye to eye

with the


razor to

his throat.

(of course,

his cat saw all this,

happening long

before his

poor owner

knew about his

coming fate…

and, ‘high tailed’ it

off the couch and

out of the room…)

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