So many things…

so many things wine, regrets, drinking, alcohol, memories

There are so many things

one cannot control…

like war,

other people’s


and death.

yet, the flowers still

remain so beautiful.

love is still love

in all its shades

and forms.

and, kindness is still kindness

when given freely.

faith will always remain hope

when one is sincere.

fun is fun

and best remembered

over all bad.


wine always tastes as good

as memory permits.

petting your pet kitty

and dog will always

feel fine,

because they do not

withhold their love

from us.

and, all our good

deeds and

memories will



as all the bad.

Yes, we were there.

Those young memories of wine and roses.

those memories linger

to this day…

for, it is all we have now.

the fondest of all memories…

yes, the positive was very good

and the bad was very bad,

as my dear


my last friend

my only friend

fills my emptied






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