You, me and my tea drinking monkey

me, you, tea, monkey, in a tree

Coming down to the ground

going to graveyard town.

in a movie not for real

all those people gone

sour lemon peel.

it’s always been that way

gone, gone, gone


and, so it is

as ever it shall be


surreal it sways

yes, if you ask me

you should have some tea

and a piece of pickled crow’s foot

please sit down, rest on your laurels, awhile

and, I will take you to meet the monkey in the tree

you thought you knew what love was? Ha!

you will know what ‘love’ is when we sip tea with our


you don’t know what love


until we

climb that tree

and have a cup of tea with my pet monkey

Imagine this…

my monkey likes his tea ‘deep green’

you, me and my tea drinking monkey

as we

sit on three limbs

know that

we are safe for the time being

looking down to our final destiny

and resting place

surrounded by death

on all sides

like sharks below our feet

rotting barely six feet under the grass

beneath we three…


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