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Life's ups and downs

Who said it and so what…

Who said there was something wrong with you simply because you didn't work well with others? be a mouse be small let them brainwash you make them happy betray yourself give until it hurts they are those who want you to be compliant and cater to their needs... I say 'F' them. so you don't… Continue reading Who said it and so what…

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Humor, Spiritual and beyond

I brought my spoon

I brought my spoon and pillow shopping because I wanted wrongful attention I went to the ice cream and opened two five gallon pistachio containers dug in my spoon and laid in the middle of the isle with the pillow tucked in the nape of my neck Pistachio isn't my favorite I wondered why I… Continue reading I brought my spoon

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Humor, Spiritual and beyond

Three monkeys and a kabob

Three monkeys on a rooftop... one was bold one was shy one would not commit yet they all were swingers from one branch to the next door neighbor's fence the bold monkey would look in the kitchen window and lick his chops at what they were cooking it was his favorite 'monkey kabobs' the shy… Continue reading Three monkeys and a kabob

In the house of love, loss, loneliness, poetry, steven humphreys
Love and loss, Nostalgia

In the house of love

In the house of love we lived our lives within bounds of unspoken rules of love running through the days we tried to do what we wanted leaning up against walls moving in the dark our gardens grew tall branches lengthened the windows fell a home crumbled into shades of light and dark but, we… Continue reading In the house of love

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Humor, Spiritual and beyond

Sitting drunk on a circus pony

I've reduced my stature to a midget sized clown sitting drunk on a circus pony a balancing act the bottle on my head sipping intoxicant eating a sandwich full of baloney with a solemn frown goin' round and round tigers and elephants abound listening to sounds no telling of Mr. ringmaster yelling in the middle… Continue reading Sitting drunk on a circus pony

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Spiritual and beyond

Notes on the wall

Notes on the wall notes notes notes to myself stuck everywhere in the back of my mind unorganized madness and methodology gets through the window of mental fluidity and calmness. I write to this other person someone trapped in the lost and found file. one note said 'sit up in this chair and shout before… Continue reading Notes on the wall

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Life's ups and downs

I opened a box

It was a gift a present wrapped up so pretty in glorious paper and ribbons... I opened a box. it was filled with darkness. and, there I stood enveloped in a shroud of cold Trojan horse evil. I sunk deep into depression lasting decades finally lifting as soon as I understood what sorrow was.  … Continue reading I opened a box

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Good morning my dear sun

Good morning my dear sun. I feel your warmth on my face. out from the darkest darkness you sprung forth as our savior and made another day illuminating mustard yellow green fields and golden poppies that make our eyes happier and our hearts kinder.      

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What of our lives

What of our lives, what have we done with them? have we lived our lives right? do we have no regrets? what would we do over again if we had half a chance? we judge ourselves as we judge others. So harsh. and, as we look around, we see others are living their lives in… Continue reading What of our lives