Walking in the park at midnight

walking, park, midnight, street light, strangers

I was walking in the park at midnight

making my way to the park bench

sitting there looking at the street light

flickering like it was about to burn out

in the middle of the night.

the light would dim

and then get brighter

and go dim again.

shadows come and go slow

faces show up and glow

squirrels play in the snow

sounds of voices echo on their cell phones

and girls giggle and run

voices in my head keep ringing

and dinging

distant memories of long gone relatives


now they know

what it’s like

on the other side

but they don’t clue me in.

they were always so ‘tongue and cheek’

about everything when it came to



someone stops and stands over me

as if they have something to show…

but, no

they turn








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