When do you know you actually are a ‘real’ writer, author and/or poet?

writer, author, poet, finding your niche, who you are

I don’t know if it will ever dawn on us we are whether we are either genuine writers, authors and/or poets. Maybe, it will, maybe not. I don’t know about you, but it is finally sinking in after decades and decades that I must have somehow become a real writer.

I write about all kinds of stuff, from poetry, mysticism, positive thinking to other subjects I have written books about and have websites on. I just write the way I want about subjects which interest me the most.

After all, I have published a few books to date. Now, you don’t have to self publish books to be a writer, but if you get paid a few dollars for the book, I guess that makes you a so-called professional.

But, I have found that I have gotten better at it. Much better. That’s when you can look back and see how atrocious some of your past articles sounded. It can become embarrassing to say the least!

On my taxes, I say I am a ‘independent writer’. That’s the category you choose in the eyes of the IRS, that it is not simply a hobby. I have a business license which permits me to write out of my home.

It makes what I do legitimate. I have a legitimate business, but not a brick and border. That would be ridiculous and costly. I can do what I need to do behind my pc. I am an independent writer who works from home.

Does it matter if people like what you have to say and buy your books? It helps. We all need approval and positive feedback. I have been actively writing now for about eleven years full-time. But, I began writing poetry when I was fifteen years old. I stayed up one evening all night and wrote about fifty poems.

I don’t work for anyone, and couldn’t. I could never put up with being told what to write or how to write it. I don’t want to answer to anyone but my own conscience. I got a good lesson I wrote about a few days ago when I listened to the advice of a certain publisher. The lesson stuck. Here’s how it went.

My advice to you is to write from who you are. I know that writing is something I need to do which tends to keep my head on straight and feet planted firmly on the ground. I really need to write for some reason. This is my way to be a public speaker without actually standing up to the podium.

I figured that I have been writing for some time now, and I must be a writer. It hit me the other day. I have written probably millions of words in thousands of combinations. But, it’s still nice to have an automatic spell check to keep you from sounding ignorant about the English language.

I did go to school, but I don’t think there’s a degree for being or making you into a genuine writer. So, listen to your own voice in your head. Be who you are instead of something you think you should be. It’s your life. Write it your way.

You decide how you want to live your life and be who you want to be. And, then someday it will hit you like it did me. ‘Oh, yes, I must be a writer. Why? I have been writing and writing for quite a long time now, therefore, I must be one of them…’

‘Although, I’m finished up with college, I’m never done learning’ ~ your author.

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