I don’t know

love, family, togetherness, meaning, purpose

I don’t know

how god thinks.

but, I do know about

a few things that

he does.

I know I didn’t


T H I S…

instead, we were

‘B O R N

I N T O  T H I S’

(thanks, Bukowski!)

I know some prayers of mine

have been answered

solely because

I was sincere and in



I was being taught something

through extreme distress.

I also remember on many occasions

my life had been saved under

unprovable and strange circumstances…

I know I didn’t create me.


I know I didn’t create you.

I know that in certain things

we had no choice in the matter.

nothing you nor I could do.

men and women are programmed

to be a certain way.

this is something that can

be modified, yet at the same time, not changed…

although, with certainty I can say,

that without each of us

there would be no us.

and, that we have options in

how we choose to see

the world.

therefore, we have alternatives

in the outcome of our


good or bad.

thinking positive

and thinking negative

are options.

one brings good feelings

the other not.

we cannot change the world.

we cannot change others.

but, we can change us

for the better

as with a change of weather.

I think it’s high time

we both

do so.

It is not in how we feel

we can change,

but more in those

thoughts and ways

of thinking

we keep

in our brains.

Then, we

will feel better

about ourselves

and the world

because we have

learned to harbor

and cultivate

better thoughts

than we once

knew we could




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