I’ve been doin’ sum thinkin’ lately

I was doing some thinking lately, poetry, steven humphreys

I’ve been doin’ sum thinkin’ lately

It’s about saying things…

It makes no sense not to say what you mean.

Isn’t it better for your rotten soul to just

say it rather than hem and haw around

beat around the bush



placing something in


do you really need everyone to be

your friend

(which they won’t anyway)

or isn’t it nice to piss a few people


because they wouldn’t like you anyway?

Go ahead, write your stuff.

Say what you mean and mean

what you say

or why not simply change your mind

about whatever you want whenever

you want to?

Stay mysterious and unpredictable.

You only live once…

be sure to

get in someone’s face

at least once a day

in your own unique

piss off way.

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