Don’t turn into one of ‘Them’

white cat, painting, letterman, artist, I love cats

Whatever you do,

don’t turn into

one of


Be a square

Go indie

Get in your car

Follow the stars at night

Eat something decadent

like that chili dog you’ve been craving that

you know

gives you the runs in the

middle of the night

as I



tall stemmed wine

glass full of


I sit there

and look at my

painting of that

big white fluffy

cat by Letterman

I bought

at a storage


ten years ago

that hangs

on my wall

behind my bed

you know what

I’ve decided to do?

I’m gonna fire

my shrink.

he’s just like me

and you.

He’s one of


man, am I

pissed off

at the


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