Life in neurosis

life in neurosis, kick me in the ass, bend over, poetry, steven humphreys

Isn’t it comforting when you

see someone else is the one

who’s all F _ _ _ _ _  D up?

you breathe a gasp of

fresh air it’s not you

whose mind isn’t deeply messed up.


if it’s you,

then it’s different.

But, at least you know.


go and be messed up.

celebrate your messed up-ness.

write about it.

shout it from the mountain tops.

you can always drink your

way to oblivion.


sweet oblivion.


drifting away into

the clouds of


and, then you come

back with

the greatest hangover

you ever had

and swear

to all that’s good

you’ll never touch

a drop again

of the devil’s


at least

until the next time.

because all we



are short

on memory.

I heard it

helps you


stay screwed


but don’t

be in denial

that you


join an encounter group.

stand up and shout


really bad.

you might meet

your next


and really

have a messed

up time

fighting all the time.

you could write poems

about all the misery…

Oh, god, I’m negative.

fill my mind with the beautiful

and lovely thoughts!

yes, god, punish me.

please, I so deserve it.

I will now bend over.

kick me in the A _ _.

get to know and love

the blooming

hell out of

your own neurosis

for it’s not

gonna go on

vacation without

your sorry

A _ _.


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