Eyes of the beholder

eye of the beholder, nature, poetry, steven humphreys

Autumn leaves

fall slowly


spinning teacups

a colorful collusion of

brown, green

and yellow

coffee swirls

smelling of

sweet burnt cinnamon


sunlight pierces through

sparkling water streams

in the heart of the forest

like a white spear

beauty never fades


it never dulls

in the scope of


it doesn’t matter

whether others consider

us beautiful

for we create our own beauty

in our words

and in our eyes

in our thoughts

we ponder…

beauty never wanes

it is always there

for beholden eyes

we know where to look

we know which words to write and speak

for we know beauty is

no man’s possession

and as no woman possesses her

own inner beauty

we have learned

beauty belongs to no one

it cannot be

captured by

the young

for they are too naive

it cannot be worn

out by the old

for it will always

escape their needy grasp

in truth

it is bequeathed

to us by

nature every day

to guide us in thinking beautiful




to a single


‘yes, you are beautiful’

and by the



of those

spoken words


nature’s beauty


more beautiful to

the eyes of

the beholder.

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