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Spiritual and beyond

It’s really Me (well, kinda sort of…)

Well, it's really me (maybe I am, maybe I'm not. hold on, let me check. I'll get back to you, later. will that be OK? Don't wait, I'm not very dependable or was it 'on time'?) do I have such a strong sense of who I am? yes, I am actually here inside this body.… Continue reading It’s really Me (well, kinda sort of…)

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The Great Continent of Meow

Animals animals wherever I look can't move an inch they've conquered every nook (and, cranny) kitties sitting pretty everywhere you look except in the other room with lonely 'ol granny who's looking at glossy colored pictures in a cat book. I knew they wanted me to stand on my head to stare and laugh at… Continue reading The Great Continent of Meow

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Spiritual and beyond

Of this we must

Never clear something near submerged fear outright queer flowing teaching hidden trust somewhere finding this we must endless search know your mind lost in wasted primal time all one meaning every feeling sensing thinking ever squealing ringing bell dealing drinking enter slicing fiery hell skin sizzling devil's moor groundless floor repent your sins door's wide… Continue reading Of this we must

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Life's ups and downs

Join the Club

If you don't know what to say anymore what to do next or how to feel join the club we so proudly nick named 'rub a dub dub' that's where all the lost souls gather to get their bearings. What's the big hurry? (while you are waiting, go ahead save a life and pick up… Continue reading Join the Club

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Spiritual and beyond

Demon in the Mirror

You may wonder 'why me'? yet, it was you chosen to go through all those painful experiences in life. at times, there was no one there to go to for comfort and wise philosophical words. there was only the lone candle you lit in your dark sanctum. Looking deeply but boldly into the mirror of… Continue reading Demon in the Mirror

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Life's ups and downs

The Child Within

Listen to the shrill child within. we are still in possession of what we were so hidden within this child of light down there somewhere covered up deep behind those eyes once filled with beauty. it was OK to be you. but, when you listened to the lies the world told you it took away… Continue reading The Child Within

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Life's ups and downs


Take time to watch clouds move through the vintage blue sky. many pass love by because they cannot surrender their hearts. others lose their patience and flee because real love grows slowly. let the wind lift your gaze to the rhythm of the high trees so that you look at the one you love the… Continue reading Vintage

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I walk outside drifting about within my own meditation for a few minutes and look around at the greenery and stand still. I see my birdbath and it has leaves so I rinse it clean filling it with fresh water I look at the ground lizards on the brick wall bathing in the sun tilt… Continue reading Drifting