Stand and look down

stand and look down, grave, death, love and loss, poetry, steven humphreys

Don’t bother yourself


my dear friend

Put away the deep

red wine

and the


wine glasses

I shall drink no more


I am no longer here

by your side

Stand and look down

I am under such a

beautiful blanket of grass

warming my bones

Yes, it is me

your old friend

and drinking


I am way down

there looking up

wishing I could speak

to you just one more


You remember me well

I was the one who was

so afraid to live

yet afraid to die

I used to be

bold and arrogant

and very proud

but, something


when I grew

more wise

I woke up

from my



I found that

the only

thing in life that




that was

the day

I finally

broke down

and cried

on your shoulder

I wish of you just

one thing

that you never


that I cared

about you

and that

you do not

forget me.

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