My Cat and the Dove

cat, dove, pet, nature, poetry, steven humphreys

Is there more to this

thing called life

than its own face value?

When I look at my cat

he patiently watches the dove

landing near my

sliding glass door

by my pool

the dove drinks from the

border of my whirlpool

which connects to

the main pool

I do not want more

than this

I am happy

watching my cat

wishing he had the


dove by his neck

in his mouth

these days…

I wouldn’t change a miniscule


about my life

but, I have changed

I am not the same man

through the years

I have changed into

different men

who wouldn’t know

the other

if they had met on the


face to face…

I am still changing

me and my ways

yet, the dove doesn’t change

his ways and patterns

and the cat acts the same way

every time that dove lands

and mocks him

because that bird knows that

darned cat can’t get at him

through my closed screen door


it is I who is the student in life

and it is things from nature

and my dearest pets

who teach me

new things

and make me


I would never

wish to change


I would never


change anything

outside of

my own




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