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Smells of the City

The smells of the city

the wind always

blows from west

to east

at exactly the

same time of


here in my town


4 PM

the breeze faithfully


ruffling my big tree’s


steaks on the BBQ

at six

the wind

and the dinner



on time

next door

conversations over the fence

in a low roar

all laughing

saying the right things

the clank of silverware on

plates with knives

jabbing the meat

cutting the food

the sounds of glasses

full of drinks with ice

clicking and tinging

around their pool

the smoky sizzling

smell billowing

over the fence



the sun’s

rising and


into my yard

past my nose

like an invisible

cloud of taste

that good smelling

steak and burger

I no longer eat

to this

very day



my mouth






Published by

Steven James Humphreys

My books are for sale at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I live with my wife and our cats and dog. I hope you enjoy my blog and find it informative, meaningful and entertaining. Let me know what you think. You can read more on my 'about me' page. Thanks for stopping by! Take a visit to my other site.

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