In Extreme

in extreme, comedian, on stage, not funny, poetry, steven humphreys

Life in extreme…

he went to the morgue

and brought the dead

back to life

but soon discovered

they had all changed.

they no longer loved nor craved the

golden arches


that did them in,

in the first place.

the comedian

did his shuffle on the stage

it was his first joke

he got a few laughs

a few boos

and eye rolls

then he went on to

the next…

I don’t know you all well

but it’s so nice to see

you for the first time

in the funzone mirror.

let me take a good look at

the new me.

what do you do

when all you’ve done

was so wrong?

you clean the slate by dying

then all is washed away

and forgotten.

the most important

one who forgets

is you

the audience!

(they all wore a solemn straight face

and cleared their throats)

then the vintage long brass hook came

out of left stage

grabbed him around the


and jerked

him off stage.

it pulled him so hard

and so quick

it almost pulled his head off.

but, it did leave his two shoes behind


Then, the crowd

roared with robust hand clapping

and laughter

non stop for

five whole minutes

until they

dimmed the lights.

It was then time

to get up and

go home

in silent







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