drifting, meditation, walking, backyard, birds, lizards, birdbath

I walk outside

drifting about

within my own


for a few minutes

and look around

at the greenery

and stand


I see my birdbath


it has leaves

so I rinse

it clean filling it with

fresh water

I look at the ground

lizards on the brick wall

bathing in the sun

tilt their little heads

I walk on the

cushy grass

and look over the wall

to see what the

neighbors are doing

I know my dove

is somewhere nearby


I wait for my hummingbirds

to buzz alongside their

feeder with the bright red liquid

These are my friends

who are all welcome

anytime of day and night.

I do wonder why they all scurry when they see me?

Honestly, it seems they should know me by now…

They must not know how much I love and care for them.

I suppose it will have to do that I alone know this as fact.

Sometimes, I so wish they would all hop on my shoulder and the lizards crawl up my sleeves and make themselves at home

My home is theirs to freely live in and roam about as they wish.

they should all be friends, together…

There is also a grandiose Hawk

who likes to land on my birdbath.

Wonderful and beautiful bird of prey it is.

it hops in and washes all its feathers

so meticulously.

It is my unspoken condition it does not kill and eat any of my protected brethren here in this sanctuary

I look back at my cats looking through the sliding glass door.

I am blessed.

I am grateful.




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