It’s really Me (well, kinda sort of…)

who am I, me, searching, soul, god

Well, it’s really me

(maybe I am, maybe I’m not. hold on, let me check. I’ll get back to you, later. will that be OK? Don’t wait, I’m not very dependable or was it ‘on time’?)

do I have

such a strong sense

of who I am?

yes, I am actually here

inside this body.

I stand like a sturdy

tree all alone

trapped inside

this so-called

flesh and bone

(and I’m not

very purdy.)


I do admit

that I sure don’t have

to look in that cracked


mirror of mine

to know I’m definitely

not a Mr. Bruce Pennmore Schmidt

(he lives next door. Or, was it a couple houses down? whatever. he’s one strange bird.)

even less like a king on his throne

but, we all want to come home


let’s both agree to

call this sense of consciousness


within this body of ours

being in




‘Z O N E’

next door to

or a couple

doors down


‘you know who’.



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