love, loss, infatuation, desire
Love and loss

Those Secret Feelings

never saying hello. never saying goodbye. not a word spoken. infatuation in vain. secret feelings never coming to fruition. the unattainable are not available nor ever will be. so many who are available so willing to take their place in a world where 'nice' is never sexy. funny how scarcity rules so many in their… Continue reading Those Secret Feelings

Hills of Lorelei poem by steven james humphreys
Love and loss

Hills of Lorelei

what you expected I have not given. forgive me not I have been gone you are barren for I gave little to fill your empty sea flowers will arrive nor fill your heart with love as you pray to the father above bewitching men below sending them to their death it is this lad who… Continue reading Hills of Lorelei

cat, love, pets
Humor, Pets

Tale of the Cat

They do not read they do not lie tale of the cat is the life I live by. Be they little be they brown it matters not they remove my frown head to tail. jumping from cat trees up and down playing with strings going round and round my cats my dear friends keep me… Continue reading Tale of the Cat

boys, dungeon, inquisitive, droids, church bells, hooded droids
Spiritual and beyond

In the Dungeon

It's this, not that. time is void null and that. here, we ask not why. covered rain not of me Lightening strikes clock chimes three. tit for tat squeaking rats. it's he who speaks uneasily. hold on to righteousness when ones character is weak. Hear me well, running boys, I urge you on it's my… Continue reading In the Dungeon

row boat, life is but a dream
Humor, Spiritual and beyond

Rowing my Boat Up the Stream

Doves drink from my birdbath I think I will have a sip, too after that atomic bomb aftermath blast lizards bathe in the warmth holding on with their tiny claws on the side of my sunlit brick wall don't let the door hit me in my A _ S I'm not too bothered by it… Continue reading Rowing my Boat Up the Stream

cat, suitcase, start a new life, take a bus
Humor, Pets, Spiritual and beyond

Cat in a Suitcase

Cracks in the sidewalk cat in a suitcase Steam goes the train Colors in your eyes druthers in surprise spiders crawling wise children drawing lies is it messy? prissy and pressy costume dressing candy messing puppy caressing kitties condescending get a map and pin it on the wall throw a dart take a bus to… Continue reading Cat in a Suitcase

skeletons, walking, parade, marching band, music, dark, town
Humor, Spiritual and beyond

Parading Skeletons

Clankity! Clank! parading skeletons march in tidy rows playing haunted music. the sundown street echoes through your mind casting shadows their memories keep in our dreams at bed time. they toot their horns bang their drums they're out tonight while babies sleep. witches roam and ride their brooms flying high in the darkest air of… Continue reading Parading Skeletons

cat, dove, pool, visits me, cool day, overcast
Nature, Pets

My Cat and the Dove

I woke, opened my vertical blinds and looked out and there was my dove. it didn't have its partner. they haven't been together for some time now. I believe they do pair for life once they have decided. I wondered what had happened. the other day I noticed there was a dove who seemed like… Continue reading My Cat and the Dove

bully, kicks sand in your face, nerd, revenge, he gets what's coming to him
Humor, Spiritual and beyond

Hot Burning Sand in Your Face

There you are enjoying yourself at the beach on a warm breezy day minding your own business when the bully suddenly appears before you he towers above ten feet tall darking the sun casting a shadow over you. you wonder what you did to him (this time) and you know the standard answer... 'you exist'.… Continue reading Hot Burning Sand in Your Face