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Hot Burning Sand in Your Face

There you are

enjoying yourself at the beach

on a warm breezy day

minding your own business

when the bully suddenly appears

before you

he towers above ten feet tall

darking the sun

casting a shadow over you.

you wonder what you did to him

(this time)

and you know the standard


‘you exist’.

he kicks Hot Burning Sand in Your Face

and makes you lick between his dirty toes.

there’s gritty sand in your teeth

and sand encircles your mouth

like caked on chocolate milk

he stands and glares down at you

like a dooming skyscraper

who’s about to step on a cockroach.

but, this time things will be different.

you now are holding all the cards.


you had devised a carefully thought out plan that awaited

the bully whomever he may be

whenever he showed his ugly head…

you planned it for years.


you reach in your pocket

and as swift as lightening


he gets stabbed in the foot so deep

with your six inch

double sided bladed knife

it goes through and comes out the bottom!

and you run

you run like hell

you run like you’ve never run before

you run far


you finally stop


you look back

and laugh while he aches and hops up and down

in pain screaming bloody murder

trying to pull

the knife from his blood gushing foot.

but the knife stays put

and doesn’t pull out.

he falls to the ground

and curls up like a

crying baby.

you watch the crowd standing around him

encircling him


you hear him scream in the distance

and you know he’s wreathing

in just deserved excruciating pain…

Ha! you laugh

you feel so justified

and, then it hits you hard

you finally have learned

that after all…

‘nerds actually do rule the world’.

yes, my friend, and it’s about time

we start getting our revenge

and, it begins right now, with this A _ _ _ _ _ E…

we’re not gonna take it anymore.

We’re creepier than you can ever be

Mr. bully

(and, we’re a lot smarter, too.)

and we’re coming for all of your kind…




we’re not taking your

S _ _ T


and then the notion

pops up in your mind.

you shall become a

bully vigilante


and seek out

vengeance upon

your next

bully victim

dishing out

your brand

of bully justice!

you have now


the sand


now, go out

and kick

some sand.

Well, not really.

But, you can’t get in trouble

thinking about it.

At least, not yet.

but, they are working on

controlling what you think.

and, they will win.

because we all have to be

politically correct

or no one will like us.


do we really care?

believe it or not, there are

more than you might think

who really do.


don’t go stabbing

bullies in the foot,

hire a body guard,


remember, you can

afford it.

you’re rich now.

you own that

big company

that makes

all that techie


in silicone




Published by

Steven James Humphreys

My books are for sale at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I live with my wife and our cats and dog. I hope you enjoy my blog and find it informative, meaningful and entertaining. Let me know what you think. You can read more on my 'about me' page. Thanks for stopping by! Take a visit to my other site.

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