Reality is a Dove outside Cooing

dove, pool, drinking, slopped on my shirt, foolish old man

This is the reality we both live by.

yet, one is one and both pass us by.

the dove returns on TV and I hear its coo.

but, overhear another as if it’s not in my room.

and, I am right, it landed slow a few feet outside my sliding

glass window by my windswept wavy pool.

it flagrantly mocked me.

‘coo, coo, coo’…

yes, I answered, ‘I am your fool,

not yet dead’!

There on my TV was one.

then, another by my pool at the same time.

one was real, the other was in a documentary about the Sonoran Desert.

I poured another glass of California wine.

as I watched the PBS documentary

I yelled,


I drooled and stained my brand new


polo shirt.

I knew then and there I was

doomed to be the dove’s

personal old fool

whenever it decided

to land again.

a noble quest.

feet up on the stool.

Wife’s gonna be pissed.


drink and be merry.

pray I don’t turn into

one blazin’ fairy.

I nearly married curvy Mary.

Not beer bellied Larry.


I get the award,

I am the dove’s die-hard fool.

be proud in whatever

you earnestly do…


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