From Another Room

keyhole, another room, consciousness, mind, god

Oh where,

oh where,


consciousness come from?

Is its own resting place

not from within our own brains?


Is it we who reside somewhere else,

the invisible body,

somewhat closer to our god?

We live our lives like visitors peeping through

a keyhole from a different room.

It seems we are

neither here nor there.

We think.

We are aware.



we walk our own

lonely walk through

life in a circle

returning again


where we first began.

have we been tricked,

in that it does not seem we are so alone?

yet, when was the last time we could feel

how someone felt and know first hand

how he thought and that his truth was true

and his lies were lies?

life is the catalyst whereby

we can change our own natures

when we have decided





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