It's Saturday night and time to party, flap jacks, buttermilk pancakes, maple syrup, late night sugar cravings

It’s Saturday Night and Time to Party

It’s Saturday night and everything’s

alright not feeling uptight don’t want to pick a fight

this old farty is feeling kind of hardy

he’s old and got these sugar cravings got in the

cupboard looked around and found something pretty amazing eyes were glazing not

purple hazing like Fred MacMurray in

flubber figured I’d make something to eat out of

rubber wife made a funny crack grabbed a

box and opened the pack of buttermilk flap

jacks put my pointy hat on and blew

my horn not drinking anymore embarrassed

thought all this could be corn not

forlorn I mixed up a batch

heated up the pan poured

round circles in bubbling

and simmering

got out the maple syrup

flipped them on a plate

did it out of love not hate not ashamed

about what we ate it was our Saturday night date

even though it was getting late it was

time to eat those flap jacks hunger pangs were

panging all the kitties were sanging feeling

kind of naughty it was high time for an over

the top night time pancake party!


Published by

Steven James Humphreys

My books are for sale at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I live with my wife and our cats and dog. I hope you enjoy my blog and find it informative, meaningful and entertaining. Let me know what you think. You can read more on my 'about me' page. Thanks for stopping by! Take a visit to my other site.

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