The Virtues of Bad Mouthing God

God, cursing him, the devil, evil in the hearts of men

you’ve heard the old expression

‘in God we trust’?

all others pay cash…

This means

we don’t trust men

I guess.

I have not had

much luck trusting


you know what

they say,

‘nice guys come in last’.

I have a hard time

now giving men

‘the benefit of the doubt’.

I am devoid of love,

an empty shell of a


I am bitter, paranoid

and highly skeptical

of almost anything

you could ever think of

talking about

because of being

‘ripped off’ in about

every conceivable

way possible

through many years…

(PS- I really am OK. I have my head on straight. I didn’t snap. I recovered. Good script for a psycho killer in a movie though or prerequisite for writing ‘darker’ poetry, wouldn’t you agree? Yes, don’t we just love the heck out of our ‘dark’ poems? Oh, yes we do… And, fear not my dear friend, I will be writing many more… Maybe, not as bitter as this one, but dark, dark, dark…)

Now, bear with me

so I can tell my story.

Moving on…

My father

used to have this


‘I don’t F _ _ K with God

and God don’t F _ _ K with me’!

I thought to myself then…

‘Boy, is he ever asking for it’!

talk about arrogance.

Yeah, and he got it good.

the following week he

was in the emergency

hospital and almost died

(while on the operating table

whereby they removed about

3 feet of his intestines,

he said he remembered some kind of

evil chanting that seemed to be coming for him,

but the beautiful female

angels came to him, soothed and saved him

in the nick of time.)

Funny, after that I never

heard him boast about this

God and him power struggle stuff, again.

So, my take away


No one wins

bad mouthing


easy to understand.

but, I didn’t learn.


I once asked God to

make me the kind of man

he wanted me to be.

I suppose I was feeling

very ‘pious’ back then…

Of course, I didn’t make

the cut

(what earthly man (or, woman) could?)

It was too impossible

to be that kind of man

given all my weaknesses

and faults

in between all that

Bud in bottles and

Jack and Cokes.

After all, ‘How would

one ever please God’?

Looking back…

I didn’t know

what I was asking God to do,

in that what would be required

of me.

my life got

even tougher.

So, I ended up cursing God

and turning myself over to

the Devil.

that didn’t work out

too well, either.

you can,

of course,

do your own test…

If you were to ask me,

be the best kind of

person you can in

this world of evil men

and evil deeds.

It’s the best anyone can do

if he is inclined to do so.

It seems any lesson

crossing our paths

‘humbling’ us

beating down




can only be


for, I remember well

all the times God saved

my life and those

major prayers



to me

there was

a God







in my




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