Living the life of a Bug

bug, wine, cave, dark

I live in this cave

called loneliness

and I like it here.

it’s nice and dark

and I look out when

I want.

I’m a bug and if you

step on me I’ll dig

a hole in your shoe

and sting you good.

I’m a bug in the middle

of humanity.

I’ll be a good bug

if you want to be

my friend.

I will be like no

other bug you ever


I will scratch your back.

I will protect you and

attack those who would

cause you harm.

In a couple weeks

I should be grown up.

I will weigh around

four hundred pounds

of pure bug meat

and I will have

sprouted my wings.

I don’t eat much,

but your enemies

will all disappear.

just let me

know who

you don’t like.

no one is stronger

or meaner than


and, I have

absolutely no

fear of death

like you do.

I should

be in the



they’ll make

a movie out

of me…

I think I’ll

keep an eye

on the wine


take a



in the



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