Do you think I love my dog?

Let me know if you

think I love my dog.

let me count the ways…

he’s old

like me.

he makes


I have to clean

it up

(I don’t make quite the same mistakes, if you know what I mean…)

he has to wear

a doggie diaper now.

I cook his food

it saved his life.

my dog smells like


he smells like my dog.

he can’t walk too good.

he used to chase the tennis ball.

I wish he were still young.

he is in pain.

seems like he’s always hungry.

he doesn’t see too good

or hear too good.

he doesn’t mind me too well.

there’s nothing I expect for him

to do during the day

except love me.

my boy always

comes through



for me.

he only

wants to

be with me.

he sleeps on

my bed.

he follows me


he looks through

the house for me

when I go

shopping at the

grocery store

and makes

whining noises

that drives my

wife crazy.

love that


more than

any dog

I ever had.

don’t know

what I’ll ever

do without


he’s just

a mutt.

wouldn’t have

it any other


my boy,


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