Going homophobic

gay, homophobic, creepy vibes for me, I just don't get it

I was shopping at the

grocery store the

other day.

There was a gay guy


his gay friend

walking close

side by side

pushing a cart.

his mother

stayed behind

looking at bags

of salad.

I wanted to look at

the salad assortment

but she was in the way

and I had to wait

until she took her

sweet time rummaging

through every single bag

(it seemed)

until she found

that one perfect

salad bag…

(I wondered if he still

lived at home with

mom and she

allowed sleepovers?)

he and his mom


‘bickering’ back and forth

about something.

must have been

about the salad.

I watched his gay friend

and him

push the shopping

cart down another


still shouting

things  back at

ole mom.

I was

relieved they didn’t

hang around long.


that’s what I have.

(I am not pc, either. I am sure

someone will eventually tell

me a thing or two about that)

I mean, I guess it’s OK

the way they are.

I suppose I couldn’t stop

it even if I tried.

but, I know one thing for sure.

I’m not

gonna help them wave that

rainbow flag

high and proudly in the air

in a parade.

just don’t tell me

what they do together

when they are at

mom’s house alone.


I was really glad I was old

that day in the store,

and that they weren’t

checking me out.

cause’ when I

was their age,

I was

one hot





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