I’ll Be Me in Barstow, USA

drink beer, be happy don't wrorry, live in barstow, buy a trailer

I’ll wake up

by noon

and eat the

rest of my


Big Mac



I left on

the coffee table

after I fell asleep

watching the

boob tube.

night of the living dead…

I do

what I want

when I want.

I stay up into the wee hours of the night.

get up at the crack of dawn

and drive bumper to bumper

in that rat race

to LA?

no way!

not for me.

you see,

I’m free here in Barstow,

calif – or – ni – a.

this is livin’ large.

Love my trailer.

paid in full.

Love my beer.

fridge is full.

Sittin’ here

lookin’ at the stars

live by the freeway

watching all those


figured the heavens

above must be

guiding my space ship.

trailer park cats love

me cause’ I feed ’em

Puss ‘n Boots.

Sometimes one

has a few fleas, but I

get a flea collar

around their sweet little neck.


Don’t worry about it.

checks keep rollin’ in.

you know the kind.

don’t worry about nuttin’

my mind is my own,

my body keeps me livin’.

drink to freedom.

no purer than this.

meet me

in Barstow

that little

speak easy

inn by that

old gas station

next to that yucca tree


that owl pops

his head out

of that hole.

hoot! hoot! hoot!

hear that?

let’s go.

I need gas.

buy ya’ a beer


on me.

got paid today.

hop in.


my truck

won’t bite


(but somethin’ might

jump out of all the trash

on the floor.)

my wheel’s a classic.

inline six.

keeps on tickin’.

smokes a little.

no smog cert


a few dings in the body

no one gives a


gets me

there and back.

home sweet home.

Barstow, USA,


I’ll be me.

over and out.




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