A Fool’s March

A Fool's March, poem, steven james humphreys

The fools march

in their foolish


thinking what

they do


that if

they all

got in








it is


for the fool

would say to

the other fool,

‘here, put this

apple on top

your head and

I will shoot it off

with an arrow’.

And, his foolish friend

would respond with

‘are you a good shot’?

And, the archer

would return with,

‘well, I haven’t missed yet’.

and, the soon to be victim

would add,

‘have you had much practice’?

And the answer from his

foolish friend was

‘you are number two’.

and, that must have

been enough background

for him, and he put the

apple on his head,

closed his eyes

and the archer said,

‘I will aim an inch higher

than I did for the last fool’.

and, the one with the apple

on his head said,

‘well, I’ll cross my fingers and we’ll see what happens


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