It hasn’t dropped yet

It hasn't dropped yet a poem by steven james humphreys

this is my life

welcome to it

I get up

I do what I do

after I get up early to feed

my pets

often, I go back to sleep

it is I wake once more

(because my dog has to be let outdoors numerous times throughout the day because he is old. I do what I do out of love. How I love that dog…)

and sleep about three more hours

(I am a devout night owl. For years, I had to get up and leave for LA at 4:30AM. You wouldn’t believe how much I hated that! But then again, maybe you would…)

it is that I go on like I do

and keep doing what I do best and worst

I see the sun rise and the sun set

and the moon and stars above

and, that is enough for me

to feel satisfied…

my life is a result of how I’ve made it happen

and there is no one else to blame

I have chosen who I want to be with the rest of my life

I am thankful for my non-human friends

and to those humans who love me

just the way I am

(always room for improvement no matter how old you are. But, when you open up the book of ‘perfect men’, my photo is not there)

that a nuclear bomb hasn’t dropped yet

upon all our lovely heads.

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