Loathing a poem by steven james humphreys

I loathe those phony wanna be intellectuals

who want to make a point with me

to explain their opinion in such minute detail

no one can understand them

so they feel like they’re smart

and we are dumb…

I do not like those positive thinkers who deny

all the negative which surrounds themselves

and those do-gooders who are shoving

what they think is good for you

down your throat

for I see what’s going on in the world

no one needs to tell me

I see it the way it is

for what it is

I don’t need any help about this

or that…

and I don’t like what I see one bit

yet I know good when I see it

and I welcome it

and, I am grateful for what I’ve got

and thankful for what bad hasn’t happened yet

and hopeful to see more good

for which there is plenty of room.

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