Bastardy men

It is my wish

no one suffers



bastardy men

deserve their

heads taken off for the pain and


they’ve inflicted

upon countless



they never learn

they never grow

they do good deeds

out of ulterior motive

they are all they will ever be

bragging about suffering they’ve

brought to trusting souls.

do they make other’s

lives more miserable on this planet

and simply die leaving the world a worse

place to live in?

they laugh and scoff as they lie on their death beds

for they care not about anything

Why doesn’t God strike down the evil man before he

causes more damage?

loving only themselves

these greatest deceivers

are as smooth and silky as bird chirps

speaking no evil

every sweet word they speak

is the sweetest of lies

the more evil the sweeter their words

they are camouflaged

in the image of your

best friend

we’ve found

evil has a very pretty face

and does very

pretty things

which ends







to the





Me and my wife live with our wonderful pets. I hope you like my blog finding it informative, meaningful and entertaining. I write about varied subjects having written books for sale on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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