Bum on a Park Bench

You look down your nose at me

you think you are smart

with your degree

as you work your life away

a slave to the system

I, on the other hand chose to be a faceless

Bum on a park bench

I didn’t want to be a part of the

system you think is so essential

to your existence

why should I have?

It simply wasn’t me…

life you see, was just too hard

and those things you like so much

I would have had to work my life away for

I exchanged slavery for freedom

I am the last free man

go take a look

I am not lying there anymore

I went somewhere else

somewhere, where no one

knows me

somewhere, where no one

can take my freedom away.

you see they came and carried me

away last week.

I died.

and, I brought no harm to no man

no one had to shed a single tear for me

I am as the breeze blows…

gone and blown away

to a place where no man

can touch me,



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