Dead Drunk Dad

Dead Drunk Dad poem by steven james humphreys

‘Hey, dad

what are you

doing here?

haven’t seen you

for years,

thought you’d

disowned me!

what do you mean

when someone is

dying they see

the dead?

No way, you don’t mean’…

‘yes, son, I think you know what I mean.

your time’s up. You have nothing to say about it’.

‘I didn’t commit slow suicide like you did’.

‘That’s right son, I drank myself to death.

But, it was sure fun until my liver gave out and the party was over… But,

way down here my dear boy, you can drink all you want and your liver will

always keep on ticking. what do you say, should we get down to some serious

drinking and catch up on old times’?

‘Ah, no offense dad, but if you don’t mind, I’m not quite ready. plenty of booze up here.

Anyway, I’m seriously thinking about laying off the hard stuff and drink an occasional glass of wine instead.

I don’t eat meat anymore. Bad cholesterol. I’ve been thinking about going

totally vegetarian, maybe quitting alcohol altogether’

‘God, son, that’s not what I call living the good life. I think I’d rather be dead than live like that’!


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