I Watched Welcome to California 1953

I Watched Welcome to California 1953 quote by steven james humphreys

I Watched ‘Welcome to California 1953’

old cars, old buildings, old fashioned clothing

everything old…

the good old days.

they were better then.

better than now.

much better.

more freedom, fewer laws and restrictions.

everything’s screwed up now

thanks to all the law breaking

criminals and ass_ _ _ _ s who don’t give a

s _ _ t about anything.

thanks to them, everything is now worse.

much worse than before and it is getting that way

more and more.

I saw it coming in the 1960’s.

a wave of worseness was coming

and unfortunately, it landed.

I don’t think I’m an optimist.

I don’t wear rose colored glasses

I took them off a long time ago.

(in the trash they went when I broke them in half.)

the movie people travelled to paces like the racetrack

and other attractions where a lot of people visited

in droves and then I realized all those people who

were older at the time are all dead.

some of these places are not here anymore.

just in memory of those still alive.

most people back then have long been dead.

millions and millions of people, dead.

that’s an awful lot of  caskets

and cremations…

lot of money to be made in dying.

(who buries those lousy money grubbing morticians? I guess another money grubbing mortician…)

they lived their lives in their own time and now

they are all gone without a trace without a whimper

and then I thought that throughout man’s history

billions and billions of people have passed on.

and, I suppose we will too.

we of course, do not like to think about that.


we will eventually be among those who have passed on.

we will be in good company and of course, bad.

life’s ups and downs.

this is one of the downs.

better enjoy our lives now

if you know what’s good for you.

before it is too late.

death is coming for us all.

think positive.

you might want to watch

this movie on YouTube…

the good old days that are

gone forever

in a time

that was


much better

than now.

I guarantee

it was.

I never knew

anyone ever

who thought

they were actually

going to be dead


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