3050 quote by steven james humphreys

I have been waiting five years for my AI

this year I got it

I say ‘it’ because there is no gender now

I mean, it’s against the law to think in those terms

(you can either be put to death for what you say or go to jail for a long long time)

it’s not a maid or butler

it’s a household assistant

it stands in the corner

and sometimes it comes over to my bed

and pulls the covers up for me

I am going to ask it some questions when I wake up

like ‘do you believe in God’?

‘Do you pray?

‘Are you really conscious’?

I think I won’t wait.

I was allowed to give my assistant a name.

I call it ‘E’



‘Will you pray with me’?

‘Sure, what do you want to pray about’?

‘I want to pray you don’t turn on me and kill me in my sleep’

‘E’ begins the prayer ~ ‘I pray I won’t kill you in your sleep’.

It was still dark

and its eyes glowed

as it said it.

It went back

to its corner

and stood there

and the lights went

out in its eyes.

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