My Best Friends in the World

My Best Friends in the World poem by steven james humphreys

Oh, God I love them so

why have you let my doggie and kitties grow so old?

why has our time with them passed so quickly?

they have lived many years

and have given us much joy

they have a hard time now doing what they used to do

very easily

my doggie cannot run and chase the ball anymore

the best he can do is get up and walk with a limp

he has to wear a diaper

which I have to change

many times each day

and I cook him special homemade food

which had saved his life

my oldest kitty is having a hard time now

I cannot bear the pain

I can hardly hold the tears back

I cry for them often

my dear friends, my best companions on earth

I would do anything for your love and safety

they will never be with me long enough

so that my soul won’t break into pieces

my heart tells them I love them

throughout each day

I know they feel it

even though they do not speak

I see it in their eyes

with my cheek pressed against theirs it seems

nearly a thousand times

I kiss and hug






thank God

our pets

would never

say to

us to








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