My Doggie is Old

My doggie is old. he can’t hear me too well when I call him

I have to wave my hands so he sees me, then he comes back in the house

I listen to his echoes when he barks outside at something over the wall and down the sidewalk

he wants to guard us. some things I don’t do as well as I used to, but my love for my doggie

keeps growing and growing even larger. he lays on my bed and sleeps and opens his eyes

and turns his head to make sure I am close by. if I go out of the room he gets up and finds me.

sometimes he slips and falls on the slippery floor and I have to go pick him up. sometimes when he

jumps up on the bed he doesn’t quite make it and I help boost him up. I could have no better friend

than he. I would never hope for more than this to make my life complete. sometimes, he lays there and

looks at me when I type. he has to wear a male diaper. I feel honored to be the one who has to change

them during each day. that’s because I love my doggie more than anything. I do what’s necessary. I

live by what my heart tells me I must do.

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