I didn’t make this mess (Pizza, anyone?)

I didn't make this mess poem by steven james humphreys

I didn’t make all this mess

but, I was ‘born into this’

(‘Dinosauria, We’ thanks, Bukowski)

so, I have to deal with something

I didn’t create

I know you didn’t do it

but it would be sure nice to blame someone

other than me

even though it never helps

and keeps me acting like a victim

did you know that

no one gave me life instructions?

How about you?

did you get yours?

Oh, yeah, everywhere you look they are trying to sell you something

pills, bad food, weight loss food, vitamin pills and secret potions

all concoctions for a price.

they tell you how to dress, what car to drive, what job you should have

and on and on and on.

and, now, they are telling us what we can say or not,

even how and what to think.

imagine that.

better be very careful in the future who you vote for.


everyone does pretty much what they want

here on earth running here and running there

in a circle spinning their wheels

until they run into a brick wall

usually drunk


game over

We are stuck on this planet for a while

one day we will wake up and look into the mirror

and ask ourselves how we got so old so fast

i sure hope we don’t die some miserable death

let’s all go painlessly in our sleep

(if we are very very lucky)

most will die of cancer or something else they will cut out

or give you a pill that does one thing but causes twenty other symptoms

but, until then, hand me another slice of pepperoni pizza and pitcher of beer.


because tomorrow we die.

boo, boo, boo.

a very personal but lonely experience we all must go through sooner or later.

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