Being us

being us poem by steven james humphreys

When did it happen?

when did it begin?

I mean,

when it was not OK to be us?

that we should follow all the others who

walk right off the cliff down to the rocks below

so we can be like they are?

why is it we have to be alone to let our true selves out?

I do my best thinking out loud in the shower

my wife overhears sometimes…

‘who are you talking to’?

I answer, ‘me’

she replies, ‘do you get answers’?

I reply, ‘yeah, plenty’

between sleep and consciousness is my best idea time

when we realize our best is simply in being ourselves

exposing our true nature

that’s the time you might want to pour

yourself another

tall glass of wine and think about it


and then





and visualize

you are a bunch

of grapes growing

in the center of a vast vineyard

absorbing the last

of the day’s warming sun.

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