The Unloved

Taking Mom for granted quote by steven james humphreys

Bless the unloved


they can always

spot a good mom

and dad

over bad ones.

the bad moms

and dads

always stand out

like sore thumbs.

God bless

the good parents.

take them not for granted.

murderers, criminals

and tyrants

around the world

had moms and dads.

parents have

the power to







for better or worse

since the very beginning.

the unloved child

is your next

door neighbor, a serial

killer, a doctor, minister and your



right now

he may

have a twitching finger on

the nuclear button.

the selfish of heart should

never bear


for these


never love

anyone but

their own face

in the mirror.

the unloved


up with

scars that

never go away.

some are a danger to

themselves while others

are an immanent threat to the survival of all of humanity.

may God intervene influencing the unloved

who live hidden among us,

that they grow up bringing no harm to

themselves nor to the innocent.

may they become God’s beloved

angels instead of destroyers of mankind..



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