Neurotic and proud of it

Neurotic and proud of it

Years ago a shrink

diagnosed me as


Imagine that.

what a surprise, a poem writer

who’s neurotic.

Gee, how often could that happen?

seems to add fuel to my posts.

it’s nice to know when you’re

in good company.

Some poets had a harder life than I.

Poe drank heavily.

He collapsed and died in 1849.

Glad I stopped drinking jack and coke,

started drinking green smoothies,

began petting kitties more

and kept writing


keeps me sane.

I love nature, too.

live in the city.

won’t fly in an airliner.

I’m a flat-lander.

won’t eat meat.

maybe, a bite or two of turkey on Thanksgiving.


not shy.

love guns.

don’t have one.

gonna get one someday.

like Harleys.

rode one once.

would like to own one.

long time union member.

retired and loving it.


not a socialist.

love my country.

haven’t bought a red hat, yet.

also influenced by Bukowski.

I think I’m OK.

married 4 times.

I’m old.

set in my ways.

open to improvement.

Neurotic and proud of it



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