When this all ends

When this all ends poem by steven james humphreys

When all this ends,

it will be as though I’ve finally done enough.

My life hasn’t been about anything in particular.

nothing stands out, nothing very notable.

my achievements are goals unattained.

I am not ambitious nor motivated anymore

to acquire more things and such

for status.

I never became rich and famous.

I searched my whole life for meaning

and tried to become the real me

I always yearned to find.

I never inhabited this earthly dwelling,

I will have finally become a visitor, here,

passing through this wicked wall.

this must be the way God wants it.

who can argue with God?

I know that whenever I had, I was always on the losing end.

so, shall I say instead, ‘thank you God’ for my life

I wouldn’t have changed a thing?

for, I have learned quite a lot.

this is what I can say with absolute certainty.

and, what I’ve gained in wisdom is the only thing worth its weight

is an ounce of kindness.

and, it is in giving

that it is receiving.

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