birds poem by steven james humphreys

I hung a bird feeder up the other day

plenty of seed hanging high

they sure make a mess of it

scattered all over the patio

my feathered friends come and go as they please

plain birds, the blue, yellows and the red

peck at the seeds, go to wash and flutter in my bird bath and

take a sip or two of water

not necessarily in that order

some fly back into my tree because they already live there

others get chased away in territorial dispute

most take their time at it and fly away peacefully of their own accord when finished

maybe a few ponder

taking up permanent residence in my backyard tree with their brethren neighbors to be…

I welcome them and their entire family

I sit low watching in admiration and wonder

I pat my old doggie

he’s outside so he doesn’t have to wear his diaper

and cannot run anymore

so the birds are safe

my black and white cat meows at the screen

he wants to come out and play

this picture like a painting I’ve painted myself

soothes the depths of my very soul

in the midst of a common patio

in no want of another way.

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