my beautiful boy

I woke in the middle of the night with a swift hitting cat paw on my back

I remember five times

tap tap tap tap tap…

but I was not alarmed

my beautiful boy wasn’t there

I sat back in my chair the next day and an invisible tail whisked by touching my leg

and I knew it was he who is not here anymore…

his message from beyond

allowed by God to give it

that he is still my special boy

his beautiful golden eyes used to deeply gaze at me

and his long black hair I brushed every other day

when he was old and not feeling well in the quiet darkness of the night

he would stealthily hop on the bed laying his head on my shoulder

as I slept

I’d wake and he’d be there and I’d comfort him scratching his head

I feel his presence often

sometimes I see him as a shadow on my bed or walking down the hall out of the corner of my eye

I talk to him often telling him how much I love and miss him

as I pray.


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