la alucinación

Hallucination poem by steven james humphreys

is it our mind seeing the sky hearing the bird tweet and tasting our food?

we wake everyday into this experience a painted poster full of life we cannot prove exists

does our invisible mind arise from our physical brain?

God knows where our consciousness resides

will he tell us where it lives when we ask?

everyday living may be virtual like a computer generated image…

created by what? By whom? and for what reason?

but when I stand below monstrous immortal grandfather redwoods and pines and they block out the sun making the forest dark

they stop and look down on tiny me

it is then that I sense a great

spirit in charge overlooking every aspect and leaf.

the greenery and smell of nature is an infusion

inside your being of a vibration, a feeling, an essence

which heals and renews…

drops of rain mist on your face

a whisk of wind through

the tree needles, a hooting owl hops on a limb, a fox jumps out of a wild blueberry bush

and when a brave lizard slowly climbs up on a fallen hollow tree stump

cloaked by the mother fern

stopping momentarily to take a quick look

at you, you know you have arrived within the midst of God’s











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