convertible driver

do not fret over wondering who and what you are for you are your own driver

as your wind swept hair reminds you that you are not your car

it drives you crazy being so lazy looking up at those dancing stars

riding the waves of pot hole bumps on the road massage your spine as you drive

under that full moon with the convertible top down cruising at the ease of your own speed up and down and no one on that freeway but you realized you were in the wrong lane of life but you finally got yourself out of it and drive in any lane you damned well feel like as slow as you want…

and all the other drivers are in such an aggressive hurry wasting their lives and emotions as they honk at you to pull over and get out of their ever so hurried way. but, all you do is give them the ‘finger’ and take out the beer between your legs, guzzle another gulp, and toss the bottle over your right shoulder into the back seat and keep on driving down the road of life until the day you decide to ‘crash and burn’.

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