banana in the monkey’s fruit basket

Banana in the monkey's fruit basket poem by steven james humphreys

he’s the banana in the monkey’s fruit basket his mind’s crazy but don’t ask it when you feel lazy

there’s an unknown wire connected to that space ship hovering above his head

straight to planet Zoit run by emperor Fred hearing those voices more and more

knocking on his broken wooden head planting evil seeds feeds his dread

you’d never know he’s a mama boy queer doll toy plain hairy old ape nicknamed Roy

that laser pointer light in his brain is at red bay you see him at night and day face to face in your

home mirror display fearing going queer flying in a jet lear flame pull your magnifying

glass out of your zipper go drink a beer drink a beer never be lonely ever again over

here hidden in good fame you’re a tragic undocumented faceless drunken statistic swept under the rug you bought from a yard sale for five bucks.

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